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IPython::Shell::MatplotlibShell Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for IPython::Shell::MatplotlibShell:

IPython::Shell::MatplotlibShellBase IPython::iplib::InteractiveShell IPython::Magic::Magic

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Detailed Description

Single-threaded shell with matplotlib support.

Definition at line 622 of file Shell.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __init__
def __init__
def add_builtins
def alias_table_validate
def arg_err
def ask_exit
def ask_yes_no
def atexit_operations
def autoindent_update
def cache_main_mod
def call_alias
def clean_builtins
def clear_main_mod_cache
def complete
def debugger
def default_option
def edit_syntax_error
def embed_mainloop
def excepthook
def exec_init_cmd
def exit
def expand_aliases
def extract_input_slices
def format_latex
def format_screen
def getapi
def handle_alias
def handle_auto
def handle_emacs
def handle_help
def handle_magic
def handle_normal
def handle_shell_escape
def history_saving_wrapper
def indent_current_str
def init_auto_alias
def init_namespaces
def init_readline
def interact
def interact_handle_input
def interact_prompt
def interact_with_readline
def ipalias
def ipmagic
def ipsystem
def lsmagic
def magic_alias
def magic_autocall
def magic_autoindent
def magic_automagic
def magic_bg
def magic_bookmark
def magic_cd
def magic_color_info
def magic_colors
def magic_cpaste
def magic_debug
def magic_dhist
def magic_dirs
def magic_doctest_mode
def magic_ed
def magic_edit
def magic_env
def magic_Exit
def magic_exit
def magic_logoff
def magic_logon
def magic_logstart
def magic_logstate
def magic_logstop
def magic_lsmagic
def magic_macro
def magic_magic
def magic_page
def magic_paste
def magic_pdb
def magic_pdef
def magic_pdoc
def magic_pfile
def magic_pinfo
def magic_popd
def magic_Pprint
def magic_profile
def magic_prun
def magic_psearch
def magic_psource
def magic_pushd
def magic_pwd
def magic_pycat
def magic_quickref
def magic_quit
def magic_r
def magic_rehashx
def magic_reset
def magic_run
def magic_run
def magic_runlog
def magic_save
def magic_sc
def magic_sx
def magic_system_verbose
def magic_time
def magic_timeit
def magic_unalias
def magic_upgrade
def magic_who
def magic_who_ls
def magic_whos
def magic_xmode
def mainloop
def mktempfile
def mplot_exec
def multiline_prefilter
def new_main_mod
def parse_options
def post_config_initialization
def pre_config_initialization
def pre_readline
def profile_missing_notice
def push
def raw_input
def rc_set_toggle
def reloadhist
def reset
def resetbuffer
def runcode
def runlines
def runsource
def safe_execfile
def savehist
def set_autoindent
def set_completer
def set_completer_frame
def set_crash_handler
def set_custom_completer
def set_custom_exc
def set_hook
def showsyntaxerror
def showtraceback
def split_user_input
def transform_alias
def user_setup
def var_expand
def write
def write_err

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list auto_status
tuple call_pdb
 isthreaded = False
 prefilter = multiline_prefilter

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