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def IPython::background_jobs::BackgroundJobBase::_init (   self  )  [private]

Common initialization for all BackgroundJob objects

Definition at line 350 of file background_jobs.py.

00350                    :
        """Common initialization for all BackgroundJob objects"""
        for attr in ['call','strform']:
            assert hasattr(self,attr), "Missing attribute <%s>" % attr
        # The num tag can be set by an external job manager
        self.num = None
        self.status    = BackgroundJobBase.stat_created
        self.stat_code = BackgroundJobBase.stat_created_c
        self.finished  = False
        self.result    = '<BackgroundJob has not completed>'
        # reuse the ipython traceback handler if we can get to it, otherwise
        # make a new one
            self._make_tb = __IPYTHON__.InteractiveTB.text
            self._make_tb = AutoFormattedTB(mode = 'Context',
                                           tb_offset = 1).text
        # Hold a formatted traceback if one is generated.
        self._tb = None

    def __str__(self):

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