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def IPython::twshell::TwistedInteractiveShell::__init__ (   self,
  usage = None,
  rc = Struct(opts=None,args=None,
  user_ns = None,
  user_global_ns = None,
  banner2 = '',

Similar to the normal InteractiveShell, but with threading control

Definition at line 60 of file twshell.py.

        """Similar to the normal InteractiveShell, but with threading control"""

        # A queue to hold the code to be executed. 
        self.code_queue = Queue.Queue()

        # Stuff to do at closing time
        self._kill = None
        on_kill = kw.get('on_kill', [])
        # Check that all things to kill are callable:
        for t in on_kill:
            if not callable(t):
                raise TypeError,'on_kill must be a list of callables'
        self.on_kill = on_kill
        # thread identity of the "worker thread" (that may execute code directly)
        self.worker_ident = None
        self.reactor_started = False
        self.first_run = True
    def runsource(self, source, filename="<input>", symbol="single"):

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